Millenium Media - Terms of Service 2019

*Terms & conditions may apply & are subject to change without notice.*

Delivery. All products/services are delivered electronically via online, email &/or hard drive USB specific in a timely matter as pre-discussed & confirmed when scheduling your appointment. Turnaround time is generally 24 hours for most shoots.   

Payment. All payments must be made within a maximum of seven days after products & services were delivered re: the above commitment unless, previously authorized &/or agreed upon by Millenium Media. Failure to make a payment or arrange for an appropriate payment structure will result in an overdue account & further action may be taken when failed to resolve. 

Cancelling/Re-scheduling your appointment. All photography sessions & consultations must provide 24 hours notice before scheduled appointment (via phone, email or text only) to avoid a cancellation fee. Failure to provide 24 hours' notice, via phone, email or text will result in a $55.00 CAD/Hour cancellation/reschedule fee.

Travel fees may apply for remote areas @ $55.00 CAD/Hour. 

Please email Millenium Media directly for full terms & conditions.